The gift that will be with them even when you can’t.

Nothing comforts like a Minky blanket!

Our Story

Love and Lift Blankets started because of the gift of a caring neighbor who realized the power of a comfort blanket. When Alexandria’s last child left home to live away from the family for two years, she did not realize how much she would miss him. However, an amazing friend foresaw the feelings of longing she would feel. She brought over a soft minky blanket to hold on to every time she missed her son. Over the next two years, that blanket was there for her giving her comfort when she needed it.

Everyone needs a comforting now and then. Love and Lift Blankets can help you give comfort to yourself and those you love.

For yourself

Whatever you are going through know you are not alone. That is why we have created blankets for different needs. Some people suffer from loss, others from separation, Some from depression or anxiety, and others from addiction. Whatever you are suffering with we hope we have a blanket that will lift you and let you know you are loved.

For others

Do you know someone who needs comfort? Imagine how thankful your friends and family will be when you show up with that perfect gift that will help your loved ones now and in the future.